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OEZ - Your partner for the future

Dear friends,

OEZ_Adamec_Radim.jpgI am glad to have the opportunity to provide you with a few information of our company.

Last year was a severe test of our endurance and readiness to face totally new market situation worldwide. The unaffected markets or market segments were very exceptional in the last months. Similarly to most of you, OEZ had to react to signifi cant decrease in demand– we had to dismiss 10 % of our employees out of total circa 1500. We had to immensely lower the stock at all levels, furthermore, we had to reduce all investments to necessary minimum and unfortunately also significantly lower the budget for marketing and sales. Despite all the restrictive measures we managed to keep an absolute majority of our customers and to reach only 10 % sales decrease which we assess from the retrospective as a good result. Such result was delivered thanks to your support and commitment and we appreciate it very much. I believe that we have already overcome the worst period and that we are on the way to equalize the previous years´ figures.

ab_budova_OEZ.jpgOn one side there are many changes in OEZ on the other OEZ is trying to keep its original face. There are big changes in the internal part of OEZ, where we have to meet a lot of new challenges after Siemens accession, mainly in the field of research, development and production. OEZ gradually align with the global Siemens PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) structures. In the course of last three years the number of design engineers has risen from 33 to 55 and this number is far from definitive. These engineers take part in numerous joint projects results of which will be presented to you in the coming years. OEZ becomes step by step so called Leadcenter for the field of MCCB worldwide.

In the field of production we reached harmonization of processes in terms of planning, quality control, technology and management. Currently OEZ fulfils most of the internal requirements and ranks among the leading production plants in its division worldwide. At the same time massive increase of capacity takes place for both the current and new productions. In the last year the biggest production hall „Minia“ was built and put into operation, this year another three halls will be reconstructed respectively built. Besides we have more than doubled the capacity of the Testing laboratory which standard operation is going to begin in June this year.

As I have already mentioned above OEZ wants to keep its original face – this is valid mainly for the sales. We have always endeavoured OEZ to be connected with such values as long-term partnership, reliability, flexibility and our aim is to keep this face for the future. In the period after accession of Siemens there was a rumour in some markets that OEZ as a brand will disappear. Today, more than 3 years after the acquisition, I can inform you that brand OEZ will exist and will be developed further. Together with our colleagues from Siemens we are seeking for side-by-side arrangement and for the increase of our success in individual markets.

Just as in the past years we are launching a number of product news to the market. Among the hot news there are foremost the products for photovoltaic power plants and overvoltage protections that enlarge our current line of modular devices MINIA.

The main objectives of OEZ sales for the coming months are long-term development of product portfolio and mainly development of our customers portfolio. I strongly believe that by means of your support we will deliver these objectives. Thank you very much for your cooperation and wish you a lot of success in your professional and personal life.

Radim Adamec
Sales director OEZ