Computational program Sichr

Computational program Sichr enables designing and check of line networks TN-C , TN-C-S and IT networks at all usual low-voltage levels. It contains database of protection and switching devices, residual current breakers and surge voltage arresters of OEZ production and open database of transformers and power cables.


Properties of version 19.02

  • New products were added
  • Residual current breakers type F, B and B+
  • Motor starters siemens 3RV20… (Sirius)
  • Expanded selection of the numbers of circuits (in conduit) in the earth from 6 to 20
  • When cloning line with 3ph-1ph transition, phases will alternate between L1, L2 and L3

The program works in the Windows XP and higher.

Registration code

Registration code for the version 19.02 is Sichr

Technical support

Computational program Sichr
Tel.: +420 465 672 394