Support for CAD/CAE systems and AutoCAD extensions

Databases of OEZ s.r.o. devices are available for users of CAD/CAE systems and electro-technical extensions for AutoCAD.


  • A file is located in the document section for CAD systems supporting ECAD (EPLAN, RUPLAN, ELCAD, AUCOPLAN), which contains a database of OEZ s.r.o. devices.

Note: At the time of publishing, some technical specifications for several items are missing.

  • A database of OEZ s.r.o. devices is located in the document section for design software ELPROCAD ( 


A database of the devices is available for use with the individual software after unzipping the files.

  • For electro-technical software PCschematic, the OEZ s.r.o database is supplied directly by the company CADWARE.